Contact Us:
Cheryl Veik, Facility Manager
Tintern Retreat & Resource Center
52619 843rd Rd
Oakdale, NE 68761-3016

Phone 402-776-2188

Directions to Tintern from Oakdale:
1 block west at 5th and Taylor
1.6 miles south on oil road
1.1 miles west on gravel road to driveway

Board of Directors
Tintern Retreat & Resource Center, Inc., is a non-profit corporation governed by a       12 member board of directors.

President: Mel Schaecher, Battle Creek
Vice-President: Cy Pinkelman, Madison
Treasurer: Bill Camp, Elgin
Board Members:  Dave Baumert, West Point; Paulette Paprocki, Columbus; Paul Weeder, Albion; Mark Nichelson, Columbus; Glenn Beller, Lindsay; Colleen Duncan, Wisner; and Terry Reicks, Elgin

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